Developing Young Learners

and Leaders



Pursuit Preschool & Kindergarten is a ministry of Pursuit Church. We are committed to providing distinctively Christian environment where children are encouraged and led in their faith through intentional interactions and activities.



A strong and guided focus on growing through play and learning opportunities using the highest standards in Preschool & Kindergarten curriculum through resources such as Abeka, Bob Jones, Mother Goose, and Memoria Press.

Social Emotional


Social Emotional Learning from a Christian Perspective Utilizing “The Friendzy Program” empowers kids in our current culture to navigate emotions, feelings, and relationships.



With classes led by WA State Certified teachers our programs ensure well trained and equipped leadership guiding your child’s classroom, activities, and academic growth.



Our classrooms are intentionally designed to encourage creative and playful learning, support positive interactions with peers and teachers and provide multiple avenues of learning and sensory growth and support. We teach to traditional and nontraditional learners.



We believe that all children are uniquely and purposely created with a distinct purpose and plan. We love to work with families whose children may experience learning challenges/disabilities, sensory issues, or mild to moderate intellectual disabilities. Please contact our staff to discuss your specific situation and see how we can create a space for ALL children.